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    Penn State's Exceptional and Available Talent


Penn State Information Technology Exceptional and Available Talent

On September 30, 2020, Penn State Information Technology had to implement a management Reduction In Force due to crushing fiscal challenges.  Unfortunately, many of our most outstanding, exceptionally-talented, but also highest-earning colleagues were permanently laid off as of October 31, 2020.  They are now available for hire and actively pursuing their next exciting opportunity.  Undoubtedly available for a limited time!  Act now!

Jason Browne link CV email LinkedIn

Recent:  Systems Administrator

Desires:  IT Manager Systems Administrator, SMM, Marketing Consultant, Online Streaming Consultant, Video Game Streaming Consultant, Public Speaking, Coaching

State College, PA (Open to Remote)

Desires:  IT Manager Systems Administrator, SMM, Marketing Consultant, Online Streaming Consultant, Video Game Streaming Consultant, Public Speaking, Coaching

State College, PA (Open to Remote)

Jason’s passions and successes are rooted in his diverse interests and experiences. IT professional, streamer, entrepreneur, and Rotarian. Known for his positive attitude, creative solutions, and collaborative approaches, Jason’s mindset and skillset provide a unique balance of strategic, creative, technical, and social perspectives.

·        Partnered with Facebook Gaming with AWREBELS (

·        Partnered with with AWREBELS (

·        Impacting Community Safety with 6ishapp (

·        Creates unique fundraising events (

·        Host on the #1 Morning Radio Station in Happy Valley (

·        Board Chair of the #1 Community Center in State College (

Mark Katsouros link CV email LinkedIn

Recent:  Director of Network Planning, Service Design, and Voice and Video

Desires:  IT-director-level and beyond, servant leadership role that fosters innovation, develops others, and builds a healthy, productive workplace culture.

State College, PA (Open to Relocation and Remote)

Award-winning, strategically-minded, human-centered, innovation-focused, and value-driven IT leader with extensive breadth and depth, across the IT stack, from networks to systems to applications to people, who promotes a culture of growth and development, and innovative thinking.  Effective communicator/collaborator across organizational silos, with partners and vendors, and within various national and international consortia.  Vast experience also includes budgeting and cost containment; enterprise project, service, and portfolio management; organizational change management; and strategic and contingency planning.  Frequently cited and published.  This passionate, purposeful, servant leader (1) keeps cool under pressure, (2) clearly explains missions, standards, and priorities, (3) sees the big picture, and provides context and perspective, (4) makes tough, sound decisions on time, (5) adapts quickly to new situations, (6) sets a high ethical tone, and (7) is positive, encouraging, and realistically optimistic.  Finally, I have a solid appreciation for how working with people who are different from you—different backgrounds, different beliefs, different cultures, different personalities—challenges your preconceptions, maximizes results, and helps everyone grow.

Joe Nasal link cv email LinkedIn

Recent:  Network Architect, Principal Engineer

Desires:  Principal IT Solutions Architect

State College, PA (Open to Remote)

Network Architect, Systems Engineer and Technical Leader with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.  Responsible for the design and implementation of the Penn State University Enterprise Network in the age of the Internet.  Established professional with more than 18 years serving higher education.  My customers and colleagues are pleased to find that I am a servant leader, a skilled technologist, and a personable communicator.

Jeff Reel link email LinkedIn

Recent:  Director, Strategic IT Programs

Desires:  Middle-management in an organization using information technology to enable education.

State College, PA (Open to Relocation and Remote)

Leader and strategist on key campus IT issues, possessing a comprehensive, strategic and ambitious vision for service-focused IT.  Innovative, dynamic and experienced leader with strong strategic and executive capabilities, including CEO bringing highspeed fiber optics to education, healthcare and public broadcasting across PA.  Proven leader in times of change through influence and persuasion of faculty, staff and administrators.


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