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Description automatically generatedMark Steven Katsouros

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·       Worked four jobs simultaneously while attending college (Computer Science), often full-time, and graduated debt-free.

·       Founded several businesses focused on IT consulting (MicroBrains and Visionary Automation Logic /; served as Chief Technology Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer for a Maryland dot-com startup specializing in patent-pending, phonetic-transcription-based, search engine technology (Hang40/Fo-net’ikTM); and aided my brother in founding, a Maryland-based mathematics tutoring business.  Developed keen business acumen along the way.

·       Designed and developed some of the nation’s first software applications that utilized speaker-independent speech recognition as the primary user interface, and ultimately licensed that technology to AT&T.

·       Selected by the (Bill) Clinton Administration to design, develop, and implement public opinion polling software for the White House, which was utilized during President Clinton’s first State of the Union Address and beyond.

·       Was the first administrative employee at the University of Maryland to be named the Graduate Studies and Research Outstanding Inventor of the Year.

·       NACUBO/USX Cost Reduction Incentive Award winner.

·       Designed and managed the development of the University of Maryland’s network monitoring software, including its communications architecture, which was eventually realized as a suite of commercial products and licensed to Cabletron Systems, Inc.

·       Chaired many national consortia in the areas of communications technologies, data networking, and leadership.

·       Recognized as a national expert on communications technology and emergency communications management.

·       Many years of experience in directly managing / being responsible for an annual IT budget of 12-16 million dollars.

·       Highly published on IT topics, including communications technology, emergency communications management, institutional collaboration, IT leadership, mobile application development, and IT service management.

·       30-plus years of experience working in higher-education IT (mostly in leadership roles), spanning three large research universities, and thus developed a broad awareness of how to effectively and efficiently deliver IT to such constituents.

·       Designed, developed, and implemented the University of Iowa’s Hawk Alert system for broad emergency notification on campus, including attribute design, backend processing/architecture, marketing, policy and procedure definition, training, and so on.  (This was seen as a model by ENS implementers across the country.)

·       Fostered LAN convergence, consolidation, and virtualization, and the strategic move towards a completely wireless user edge (sans big-data research, for which I led our grant-funded-research-network implementation), at Penn State, to increase cost savings, resource utilization, and service effectiveness and flexibility.

·       Developed formal change management processes, service request fulfillment workflow, data stewardship practices, project and portfolio management standards, and the telecommunications service catalog, which dramatically improved my unit’s effectiveness and efficiency.

·       Co-authored a thought piece that ultimately led to Penn State’s IT Transformation Program, towards formalizing IT service management (portfolio and resource management) for all of Penn State IT.

·       Presently involved in a Pennsylvania dot-com startup,, focusing on community development, commerce, and social responsibility.

·       2014 “Keeping It Positive” Information Technology Services Award winner for fostering a positive and productive work environment.

·       I’m always hungry for victory—for myself, my team, my institution, and my customers—and I’ll run through walls to achieve it.



Description automatically generatedPRESENT APPOINTMENT

Duquesne University, Computing and Technology Services (CTS), Pittsburgh, PA

January 2021 to Present

Director, IT Support Services (ITSS)



pennsylvania_state_universityThe Pennsylvania State University, Enterprise Information Technology, Enterprise Networking and Communication Services (ENCS), University Park, PA

January 2011 to October 2020

Director, Network Planning, Service Design, and Voice & Video




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