Matthewmatics (pronounced math-you-mat-iks) was founded by Matthew Katsouros in 2002 with one mission:  To take complex, difficult-to-learn mathematical concepts and make them interesting and understandable, and thus easier to learn.  Matt has Bachelors of Science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.  More importantly, he is a highly-capable, patient teacher who understands that math doesn’t come easy to everyone, and that everyone learns differently.  His approach is to first understand his pupils, and then help them understand the mathematical concepts with which they’re struggling.  Simply put, he tries to make math fun and easy to learn for everyone.


Matthewmatics serves the Washington DC metropolitan area, providing tutoring for K-12, college, and adult students, on subjects ranging from introductory mathematics to statistics to advanced, multivariable calculus.  The format is typically a one-on-one classroom setting, though we’re very flexible and more than happy to work with small groups of classmates at relatively similar levels.  We also specialize in preparing students for the math section of the SAT exam.


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At Matthewmatics, we utilize unique and interesting teaching methods to build solid foundations of understanding.  Again, we realize that math doesn’t come easy to everyone, but we believe that it can, if instruction is made fun, and the concepts can be correlated with everyday, interesting problems.  “You” might be our second syllable, but you are also our first concern.


So, if you or someone in your life could use some friendly help learning math, just contact us today.  Our rates are very reasonable, and we can provide references from practically  (that’s lots of) very satisfied customers. 


Columbia, Maryland